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What is yarn dyed towels?

May. 27, 2024

Towel Production And Towels According To Intended Use

Towel Production And Towels According To Intended Use

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The towel production consists mainly of yarn, weaving, finishing and ready-made clothing.

The most preferred yarns in towel production are: 100% cotton yarns, because of their high hydrophilicity, high wet strength, good dyeability, high colour fastness, washability, soft attitude, anti-allergicity.

In addition to cotton, bamboo, microcotton, lowtwist, combed, modal, viscose, lyocell, soya, maize, algae and linen with a small proportion can also be used in towel production.Warp yarns can be produced by special processes as they can be formed with yarn, carding ring and open spinning systems.

16/1 Towel: It is made of knitting yarn number 16. It is fuller and smoother than the two-layer yarn in handle and appearance. The pile length is higher. The absorbency is faster. For these reasons it is more preferred.

20/2 Towel: It is made of double-layer yarn number 20. Has in contrast to 16/1 towels a shorter floss. This type of cloth is used when jacquard production is required.  It is tougher than the 16/1 towels.

Towels according to design areas; terry, waffles, velour, embroidered, hotel & spa & baby towels.

Woven Towels; Dobby and Jacquard towels.

Towels by Colour Type:

  • Yarn-dyed towels: are towels made with dyed yarns (yarns in different colours). Jacquard production is also available on request. It is normally made for use in spas and beaches.
  • Coloured towels: they are monochrome towels. After the towel has been made, it is dyed in one colour.
  • Indanhtren colour: This dyeing technique is used to increase the colour fastness when dyeing cotton products. The colours of the products produced with this production method have a much longer shelf life.
  • Reactive dye: A technique for dyeing cotton products. The colour life is shorter compared to indanhtren dyeing.

Towels by use: towels, face towels, bath towels, kitchen towels, bath sets, beach towels, other accessories.

Towel dimensions according to area of application:

  • Shaving towel 30×30
  • Bath, head and handtowel 50×90
  • Bath towel 70×140
  • 90 x 150 beach towel
  • 50 x 70 foot towel
  • 30 x 50 Kitchen towel
  • 40 x 70 Kitchen towel

Towels by weight:

  • Light towels 250-349 g / m2
  • Medium towels 350-449 g / m2
  • heavy towels 450-549 g / m2
  • Very heavy towels from 550 g / m2 and more

Factors influencing towel quality:

  • Water holding property of towel fabric
  • How many wefts the towel is made of
  • Properties of floss, ground and weft yarns forming the terry fabric
  • Floss height of towel
  • Floss strength (durability).

Why Yarn Dyed Fabrics Are Our Fave

So what&#;s the big deal, who CARES if a fabric is yarn-dyed or not right?  Some of you may be thinking that.  And that&#;s cool.  We can still be friends. &#;  But I&#;m here today to not only make the case for yarn-dyed fabrics, but tell you WHY they are MY favorite.

First you must know that yarn dyed fabrics can be pretty easy to spot unless we&#;re talking about solid fabrics (but that&#;s a story for another time).  The easiest way is to take notice of their most obvious aesthetic differences from printed fabrics.  In most cases, yarn-dyed fabrics will be done in designs like stripes, or plaids, or ikats.  The first two fabrics below fit some of those descriptions.  And the third is obviously illustrated, drawn by hand or computer and then printed on the surface of the fabric.   While there are virtually no design limitations for printed fabric, there can be some limitations with yarn-dyed fabrics, but it just makes them all the more special.  Each design is at the same time constricted and liberated by the differences in fibers, yarns, colors, and weaving patterns.

Yarn dyed fabrics are exactly what they sound like.  Yarns that are dyed into specific colors before being woven into a design. So the design is literally part of the fabric, this takes additional time, planning, and engineering to achieve a particular design.  That will sometimes account for the slightly higher price point of yarn-dyed fabrics.  Just one reason why we love yarn-dyes is that the front and back side of the fabric is usually just as useful as the front.  Meaning that the design is literally translated to the backside making your fabric double sided (depending on the weave used).  Or if your fabric has a more complicated weaving pattern like in picture #2, the weave can show almost a messy bunching of yarns on the backside.  (A small price to pay for the glorious front side in our opinion.)


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And finally why we really love yarn-dyed fabrics is because of their old-world charm and character within each piece.  If you are a fan of the beautiful home decor trends that are sort of a combination of southwestern, tribal, native, and eastern cultures, you will love the yarn-dyed fabrics we carry in our shop.  Below are just some examples.





These are Essex Linens by Robert Kaufman.  They are a cotton/linen blend and are incredibly versatile.  We love that little bit of texture that comes from being yarn-dyed.  We offer Essex Linens both in a yarn-dyed, and dip dyed variety.  Just make sure to read the titles of our product listings to know which one you are purchasing.

Our Elemental Woven Fabrics are a whole lot of fun!  We love the different textures that each fabric brings!  You can find these and a whole bunch more Textured Woven Cottons on our site.

Another cute group of Textured Cotton Wovens (or yarn-dyed) fabrics is our Stitch Line group pictured below.

If you&#;re looking to get a little patriotic, look no further.  These American Wovens have got your back.  Featuring little stars and stripes!

Pictured below are some really cute, soft and versatile yarn-dyed stripe fabrics by Alison Glass.  This group is called Mariner&#;s cloth and features a chunky yarn running through the weave of the fabric to create stripes.

Once of our favorite yarn-dyed fabrics in the shop are these Manchester Embroidered Cottons.  They have a lovely texture and add so much dimension to quilting and apparel projects.

Well thank you for reading along with us!  Thank you for letting us share some of our most favorite fabrics with you!



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