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Water pressure used in cleaning & sanitation

Jun. 17, 2024

Water pressure used in cleaning & sanitation

Hi guys,

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Several random questions about water safety in food plant need your help, doesn't matter which standard you are pursuing, I believe this is a common question.


Just assume a company do fresh & frozen, dry & wet etc all different product  and all different type of cleaning methods have been used.


First question is can we use high pressure water guns in food plant as primary rinse?


Second question is what kind of water pressure do we need for general cleaning in food plant? (Similar question is if we use air gun to spot clean equipment that need dry cleaning, what kind of psi do we need for that?)


Last question is also somewhat related, what kind of hose nozzle do we need to get for this purpose? A lot of supplier claim their nozzle is HACCP certified etc which is bullcrap, but I need some sort of guidance. (Okay I confess, our employee have a bad habit to get rid of nozzle when using water hoses, I got expensive ones which cost 200+ each they complain those are way too heavy, we get them lighter ones they compliant not enough water pressure, we weld the nozzle to the hose they cut them off along with the hose... unbelievable, so I'm just gonna enforce it after pick the right one everybody recommend, who don't comply could go work for the maintenance shop instead.)





Why Sanitation Hoses Are Important for Your Boat

If you own a boat, you know that there are a lot of different parts and pieces that go into keeping it running smoothly. One important piece of equipment is the sanitation hose. This hose is responsible for carrying waste throughout your boat&#;s sanitation system, whether it&#;s from your marine toilet to the holding tank or from the tank to a proper disposal system.

While it may seem like a small part of your boat, having a properly functioning sanitation hose is actually very important. That&#;s because if there is any leakage or permeation, your boat will wind up smelling like waste or raw sewage. Unfortunately, many first-time boat owners think they can simply connect any type of rubber hose to their marine toilet (either a vacuum flush or macerator) or holding tank. This approach will quickly result in some unpleasant (and foul smelling) outcomes.

With competitive price and timely delivery, MIC sincerely hope to be your supplier and partner.

What Are Sanitation Hoses?

Sanitation hoses are specifically designed for use in marine systems. They are made of highly durable material (usually PVC, which is ideal for marine plumbing applications) that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with boat toilets, blackwater tanks, and other sanitation systems. This type of hose is often reinforced internally as well as externally so that it can handle the weight of waste and other liquids that are transported through it. This reinforcing also helps make sure that the hose does not collapse under pressure or kink up over time.

Sanitation hoses come in a variety of sizes and lengths so you&#;re sure to find one that fits your needs. While they may be more expensive than other types of hoses, they&#;re definitely worth it in the long run. That's because conventional rubber hoses are extremely vulnerable to a process known as hose permeation, which can cause bad odors and cause damage to your entire sanitation system over time.

What is Hose Permeation?

Hose permeation is a process where raw sewage or other liquids pass through or absorb into the hose material, causing unpleasant smells to be released. This happens when bacteria breaks down the raw sewage inside the hose and creates anaerobic gases like methane, which then pass through or absorb into the hose material. Over time, this can cause the hose to weaken, resulting in holes or cracks that release even more odors.

Using the incorrect hose material in a marine sanitation system will greatly accelerate the permeation process. That&#;s why it's important to choose a reinforced hose that is specifically designed for sanitation use. This type of hose will have the least permeability possible and also be strong enough to handle the weight of waste and other liquids without collapsing or kinking up.

Selecting and Installing a Marine Sanitation Hose

The best sanitation hoses are thick-walled and smooth inside. Reinforced PVC is an excellent choice. Hoses for sanitation use are clearly marked, most often with the words "sanitation hose" printed in a stripe running the length of the hose. Although it's tempting to use other types of hose that may be more flexible, don't. Smells and other problems are sure to follow because the material used to make these hoses are much more permeable. Aside from being strong, holding tank sanitation hoses must have the least permeability possible prevent odors from escaping.

Hoses should be run, as far as practicable, so that there is no standing water in sags or loops to prevent premature aging and permeation. If standing water is allowed to accumulate, the hose can eventually get clogged over time with scale by waste and uric acid from the boat toilet.

Keep Your Boat Smelling Great with either DometicOdorSafe Plus or MaxFlex Sanitation Hoses

The OdorSafe Plus Sanitation Hose from Dometic offers the best odor protection of any marine sanitation hose. This advanced hose offers 20% greater resistance to sulfurous odor permeation than previous Dometic/SeaLand sanitation hoses and has been upgraded to deliver premium performance and benefits to boat owners and marine sanitation system users, including a 5- year limited warranty. OdorSafe Plus Sanitation Hoses have an ultra-smooth interior for the seamless transport of waste through the system to prevent buildup and blockages. Plus, it is reinforced with high-strength polyester yarns to avoid kinking and maximize strength-to-weight ratio and flexibility.

By using the DometicOdorSafe Plus Sanitation Hose, you can keep your boat smelling great and your sanitation system running smoothly. Its superior design and construction make it more resistant to clogging and odor permeation, so you&#;ll be able to enjoy a fresh-smelling boat for years to come. Plus, Dometic sanitation hoses are available in a variety of sizes and lengths, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your boat.

The MaxFlex Sanitation Hose from Dometic offers flexibility and impermeability. This hose is especially useful for long plumbing runs, easy to install, allowing for bends while maintaining the interior diameter. Also clamps easily for zero leaks. MaxFlex hoses have a 1-year limited warranty.

Meet All Your Marine Sanitation Needs with Environmental Marine

If you&#;re looking for a way to keep your boat smelling great, look no further than either the OdorSafe Plus Sanitation Hose or MaxFlex Sanitation Hose from Dometic. They are the perfect choices for marine sanitation systems and can help ensure that your boat stays smelling fresh. As the certified Dometic Master Distributor for the Southeastern US, Environmental Marine offers an extensive selection of Dometic products to ensure that you&#;ll always be boating in comfort.

Our experienced, knowledgeable team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about your marine sanitation needs and quickly secure the parts you need. To learn more or find the sanitation hose that&#;s right for your boat, talk to one of our specialists today.

The company is the world’s best sanitation hose supplier supplier. We are your one-stop shop for all needs. Our staff are highly-specialized and will help you find the product you need.


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