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UIC Standard 54E1 60E1 Steel Rail

Jun. 17, 2024

UIC Standard 54E1 60E1 Steel Rail

Product Parameters SizeDimension(mm)Weight(kg/m)MaterialLength (m)Head WidthBottom Width HeightThicknessUIC.77


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12-25UIC..560. E.560.21R200      R220      R- E.560.-25

The 54E1 Rail and 60E1 Rail is a cutting-edge rail system that redefines the standards of rail excellence. Engineered with precision and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, this rail is poised to set new benchmarks in the rail industry. Its exceptional characteristics make it an ideal choice for various rail projects.

Key Features of 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail:

&#;Optimized Design: The 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail boasts an optimized design that ensures consistent dimensions and precise geometry. This results in seamless transitions between rail sections, promoting smooth and safe rail journeys.

&#;Durability Redefined: Crafted from high-quality materials fortified with advanced corrosion-resistant coatings, the 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail is built to withstand heavy loads, weather extremes, and consistent usage. Its impressive durability translates to extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements.

&#;Performance Excellence: The rail's precise engineering and uniformity contribute to exceptional track stability, enhancing the overall performance of rail systems. Its reliable performance ensures efficient transportation of passengers and cargo.

&#;Versatility in Application: From high-speed rail lines to freight networks, the 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail accommodates various rail projects. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset across different rail infrastructures.

54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail Benefits:

&#;Enhanced Safety: The 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail's precise dimensions and smooth transitions minimize disruptions and ensure a secure rail journey, enhancing passenger and cargo safety.

&#;Longevity and Cost Efficiency: With its robust construction and corrosion-resistant features, the rail system experiences reduced wear and requires minimal maintenance. This results in significant cost savings over its operational life.

&#;Optimal Performance: The rail's consistent dimensions and reliable performance contribute to efficient rail operations, reducing downtime and maximizing overall system performance.

54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail Applications:

&#;High-speed rail networks

&#;Freight transportation

&#;Urban transit systems

&#;Intermodal transportation

The 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail stands as a testament to innovation and quality in rail infrastructure. With its optimized design, durability, and exceptional performance, this rail system is poised to revolutionize rail projects across the spectrum. For further information or inquiries, please contact us. Choose the 54E1 Rail/60E1 Rail and embark on a journey towards superior rail excellence.

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As we are known, UIC stands for International Union of Railways. Since , the flat-bottomed steel rails have been widely used in various countries. There are many used types all over the world. The differences between them lie in the detailed geometrical dimensions. The UIC standards were initially adopted in countries such as Europe and North Africa. Currently, they are generally accepted by the international community.

&#; Standard of UIC 860 V: &#; prescribed four types pearlite steel rails in the range of tensile strength from 700 to MPa.

&#; Standard EN -1:, provides seven types pearlite steel hardness in the range 200 to 390 HBV, types steel in accordance with EN , based on the values of hardness (R 200, R 220, R 260, R 260 Mn, 320 Cr, 350 HT, 350 LHT).

AS the leading manufacturer of steel rails in China, YONGYANG can design and develop various products of steel rails using high quality raw materials by implementing latest technology and advanced techniques, which meets the international UIC standards.

UIC54 steel rail is used for state railway line, we can produce ...

UIC54 steel rail is widely used for state railway line of English countries, we can produce it by order, the MOQ should more than 500 tons, hardness can be R260/350HT, length 12 to 30 meters, can accept any third-party inspection.

Length: 12 to 30 meters;

Unit weight: 54.77 kg/m;

Production standard: UIC860;

Delivery inspection standard: EN for qualifying tests and acceptance tests;

Material: R900A/R.

&#; Standard of UIC 860 V: &#; prescribed four types pearlite steel rails in the range of tensile strength from 700 to MPa.

&#; Standard EN &#; , provides seven types pearlite steel hardness in the range 200 to 390 HBV, types steel in accordance with EN , based on the values of hardness (R 200, R 220, R 260, R 260 Mn, 320 Cr, 350 HT, 350 LHT).

UIC54 is a specific rail profile designated by the International Union of Railways (UIC). The &#;54&#; in UIC54 refers to the mass of the rail, which is approximately 54 kilograms per meter. This rail profile is widely used in railway systems, particularly in Europe and other regions that follow European railway standards.

Key features of UIC54 steel rail include:

1. Mass: The UIC54 rail has a mass of approximately 54 kilograms per meter, making it suitable for various railway applications, including both heavy freight and high-speed passenger lines.

2. Geometry: The rail profile is designed with specific geometric characteristics to ensure stability, durability, and compatibility with other railway components such as sleepers and fastening systems.

3. Application: UIC54 rails are commonly used in a wide range of railway infrastructure, including mainline tracks, high-speed lines, and urban transit systems.

4. Standardization: As part of the UIC standard, UIC54 rails adhere to established guidelines for quality, manufacturing, and performance, promoting interoperability and safety across different railway networks.

These features make UIC54 steel rail an important component of railway infrastructure, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of rail transportation systems.

If you have further questions about UIC54 steel rail or if there&#;s anything specific you&#;d like to know, feel free to ask!

Profile section of 54E1 (UIC54) steel rail

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