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Tan Delta / Power Factor Testing Equipment

May. 27, 2024

Tan Delta / Power Factor Testing Equipment

The MIDAS micro is a revolutionary Power Factor / Dissipation Factor and Capacitance tester used to test the insulation of high voltage components (i.e. transformers, bushings, capacitors, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, etc). Designed and tested for all types of conditions, the complete instrument is built in one rugged case with casters. With its single-box design, weighing only 25 kg / 55 lbs, this tool can be easily transported to any testing location &#; in the field or in the factory. All accessories are stored in a robust duffel bag that can be affixed to the case itself. Cable drums make set-up and storage quick and convenient.

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Dissipation/Power Factor Measurement (Tan Delta) on ...

Dissipation/Power Factor Measurement (Tan Delta) on Instrument Transformers

An insulation failure is often the reason for an instrument transformer (IT) malfunction. 

Factors which possibly accelerate the insulation's aging process:

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  • Moisture ingression due to broken seals
  • Heat caused by the ambient temperature or sunlight

Older insulation can lead to high losses in the IT, which generates further heat. Since ITs are not actively cooled, old or degraded insulation can result in a failure or even an explosion. Fragments from the explosion represent a serious hazard for persons in the substation as well as for surrounding equipment.

Dissipation/power factor (tan(δ) delta) measurements help you determine the insulation condition. When using our testing systems, you will also be able to determine the dissipation factor at various frequencies and detect any signs of aging at an early stage. Thus, an IT can be replaced before any further damage occurs.

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