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Single vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks: Which One is Right ...

Jun. 17, 2024

Single vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks: Which One is Right ...

Standing desks are great for working while standing. They provide flexible adjustment options that ensure proper balance and alignment while working on your feet. If you're in the market for standing desks, you've probably noticed that they come in two forms &#; single and dual motor. These standing desks meet ergonomic requirements and are ideal for working on your feet.

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However, choosing between either type of standing desk is a task for some. Many find it challenging to determine which type of standing desk best suits their needs. At first impression, it may seem like there's an obvious answer on which is better. However, the answer to this isn't straightforward. You'll need to consider some important factors to conclude.

In this review, we'll break it down for you, and at the end, you'll be able to identify which desk best suits your style. Without further ado, let's guide you to a suitable standing desk.

Differences Between Single and Dual Motor Standing Desks


Number of Motors

The most obvious difference is in their names. A single-motor standing desk means only one motor controls both stands of the desk. While two motors control the height adjustment of a dual-motor standing desk. You'll usually find the dual motors below both sides of the height-adjustable desk to move seamlessly between heights.


Weight Capacity

Generally, the dual-standing office desk has the edge here, as it supports heavier weights. Although you can expect slower speed with increased loads on the dual motor standing desk, it's ideal for those who put lots of stuff on the table while working.

It has more weight capacity and good adjustment speeds. This is because dual motors provide better support for both legs of the desk than one motor. Therefore, you can place more monitors and gadgets on a dual-motor standing desk without worrying about damage.

However, this isn't entirely flawless. In some single-motor models, the weight capacity is better than that of some double-motor standing desks in other models.


Reliability and Consistency

Single-motor standing desks are the clear winners here, as they're more consistent and reliable. Single-motor desks are better at maintaining an overall speed with heavier loads. They won't slow down in lifting more weight like their dual counterpart will.

Furthermore, the double-motor desk requires both motors to function correctly. Failure of any motors in a dual motor desk to perform efficiently will lead to an unbalanced desk. Although this still depends on the quality of the motor. The better the quality of the motors, the less likely they'll malfunction. This is why it's always the best idea to buy your height-adjustable desk from a reputable source rather than just anywhere.


Assembly and Maintenance

Installing the dual motor desk is more straightforward because each stand uses different motors, thus, leaving little room for errors. However, with the single motor desk, you'll need to pay more attention to the details. This is because single-motor standing desks must be aligned with one hex rod that connects the motor to the two legs.

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Without proper attention, a single-motor desk setup can become uneven and need reassembling from scratch. With a dual motor setup, it's easier as both motors just need to be aligned to their desk stands. Thus, leaving you with fewer assembling worries.


Accessibility and Repairs

Single-motor standing desks are more accessible for repairs compared to the double-motor alternative. This is because the single-motor desk has an easy-to-reach motor that's easily accessible in case of repairs. Whereas, such isn't the case with double-motor standing desks.

Also, when the single motor desk malfunctions, it can be utilised as a static desk. However, the double motor desk can't function as a stationary desk because the table becomes slant, making it unusable until it's repaired. Therefore, the single-motor standing desk has the advantage in terms of accessibility and repairs.



The cost of each type of standing desk varies depending on the brand, quality, and model. Although we expect the single motor standing desks to come cheaper, it is different for some desks. Due to their build quality, we have single-motor desks that cost more than the dual-motor alternatives. However, the single-motor office desk is generally more affordable than the dual-motor standing desk. At FlexiSpot, we have a range of quality single and dual-motor standing desks that suits your budget.


Desk Design

The design of a motor standing height-adjustable desk varies depending on the type of motor. Dual-motor standing desks have a more minimalist design due to concealed motors. Such isn't the case with the single-standing desk. The motor is located in a visible position below the desk.

This difference in design changes the look and aesthetics of the desks. While a dual-motor desk may be more appealing if you love a minimalist design, the single-motor desk may appeal better to others.

Making Your Choice: Single or Dual Motor Standing Desk?

Selecting which type of standing desk to buy comes down to personal preferences. We have streamlined the process by providing helpful tips for making a choice.

If you have many gadgets to work with, the dual motor choice best suits you. However, if you're looking for a reliable desk with more accessibility, opt for the single motor office desk.

Remember that there isn't necessarily a better option; it all depends on usage and preference. While some may prefer the dual-motor option, others may opt for the single-motor alternative. Whatever the case, the choice is yours.

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