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Simple tips for wearing a bucket hat

May. 16, 2024

Summer is coming soon, and a fashionable and good-looking sun hat is particularly important. The bucket hat has become a more trendy and fashionable item. It not only modifies the face shape and makes it smaller, but also has a certain concealing effect. As the seasons change, just match the bucket hat with different fabrics.

How to wear a bucket hat better? If you are a girl with a round face, you can choose a bucket hat with a slightly longer brim, which can modify your face and lengthen it. If you are a girl with a square face, you can choose a bucket hat with a large brim, which not only provides sun protection, but also has very smooth lines, making your facial features more rounded. Of course, in addition to the style of the bucket hat, the combination of fabric and color is equally important.

The fisherman's hat was originally a hat worn by fishermen. It blocks the sun without affecting the line of sight. Today's bucket hats have been improved to form a variety of different styles of hats. There are subtle differences in the design of the hat shape and brim. There are also more possibilities when it comes to fabric selection.

Today's bucket hat has long become a hat that fashionable ladies need to wear. In addition to solid color designs, there are also more playful and cute patterns. A pattern with cow texture like this adds a playful and sweet feel. The fabric that looks a little delicate is more gentle and cute. Especially this cream-colored base color is also a very whitening and elegance-enhancing color.

The small and exquisite bucket hat is relatively stiff. This kind of bucket hat design will be more suitable for girls with diamond-shaped faces. Modify the contours of the facial features to create a more delicate and soft beauty. In fact, the bucket hat can modify the face shape to a certain extent. The slightly wider brim can also block the sun. The bucket hat can be the home of the bucket hat all year round.

royal blue bucket hat.webp

If you feel that a dark-colored bucket hat is not fashionable enough, you can of course choose a light-colored bucket hat. The bucket hat can not only be paired with shawl hair, but also looks very beautiful and cute with double braids. Especially this double ponytail style tied at the root of the hair is gentle and sweet. The clothing and bucket hat are also in light colors, which further highlights the gentle and lively temperament.

The relatively simple bucket hat has a high-end and elegant beauty. This kind of bucket hat does not modify the head shape so much and is more suitable for girls with oval faces. The oval face possesses the classical beauty of oriental women. When paired with this simple bucket hat, the slightly curly hair is just exposed, making the whole person's temperament softer and more romantic.

If you want a more cute bucket hat, you can choose a bucket hat with a slightly larger brim. The design on the brim creates a bud-like effect, giving it a gentle and sweet look. In daily wear, this off-white bucket hat is more gentle and elegant. Combined with a white shirt with puff sleeves, the whole person's temperament becomes more gentle and romantic.

In fact, the bucket hat is also a very small hat that shows off the face. If we want to fully show off the small face, we can choose a bucket hat that is tighter and relatively dark in color. It has a strong sense of crispness and three-dimensionality. The small and exquisite bucket hat makes the whole head shape more delicate and compact. In summer, this kind of bucket hat also has a strong sunshade effect.


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