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Precautions when using diamond saw blades

Nov. 08, 2023

There are many things that need to be paid attention to during the cutting process of diamond saw blades. If you use the saw blade correctly, it will greatly increase the service life of the saw blade and greatly help the cutting quality. Lets take a look at them one by one:

1. When placing saw blades in stone factories, many factories will place the saw blades directly on the ground. This approach is not good. The correct approach is to hang the diamond saw blade vertically on a dry shelf and avoid humid places. Never place the diamond saw blade flat on the ground or on a shelf. Laying it flat will cause the alloy saw blade to deform, and will also cause the hidden danger of the blade falling off when cutting. However, placing it at an angle will have a serious impact on the cutter head on the lower side of the saw blade that is in contact with the ground, which is not conducive to cutting.

2. When using, do not exceed the specified speed. The higher the linear speed, the sharpness will decrease and the blade will be ground flat when cutting some stones with higher hardness or strong abrasiveness. And if the customer purchases ordinary saw blade products from Linxing Company, it is better not to exceed 260 rpm. Excessive speed will produce huge amplitude and have higher requirements for the base material of the saw blade. If you need more For high-speed diamond blades, please contact us for customization.

3. During normal cutting use of diamond saw blades, operators must wear protective gear such as protective shields, gloves, hard hats, labor protection shoes, and protective glasses. If there is a lot of dust, a mask is also necessary.

4. When installing a diamond saw blade, you must first confirm the performance and purpose of the cutting machine, and read the machine instructions first to avoid incorrect installation and cause an accident. Especially for the operation of installing the saw blade, carefully follow the operation manual and install it according to the standards and procedures.

5. When installing a diamond saw blade, you must first check whether the saw blade is cracked, distorted, flattened, or missing teeth, etc. before installation. If the above situation occurs, please contact us in time. Do not continue to install and use the problematic product to avoid causing major cutting problems.

6. The teeth of the diamond saw blade are very hard and sharp. It is forbidden to collide or fall to the ground. It must be handled with care. When moving, it is recommended to move vertically. If you have a medium-diameter saw blade, it is safer to hold the internal control with one hand and support it with the other hand. If it is a large saw blade, when it is moved using a traveling crane, it is also moved vertically through the rope around the inner hole.

Segmented Turbo Saw Blade for Stone 200mm.webp

7After installing the saw blade, be sure to confirm whether the hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. If there is a washer, it must be put in place; then, gently push the saw blade with your hand to confirm whether the saw blade rotates eccentrically. If you are not sure whether it is shaking, you can turn on the machine and run it for a period of time to make sure that the machine and saw blade are operating normally before putting in the stone.

8. The cutting direction indicated by the alloy saw blade arrow must be aligned with the rotation direction of the saw table. It is strictly prohibited to install in the opposite direction. Installation in the wrong direction may cause tooth loss or even more serious cutting accidents. The main reason is that the blade of the saw blade is sharpened at the factory. If you cut in the opposite direction, the exposed diamond will not only be difficult to cut the stone, but will easily break, resulting in insufficient exposed part. There will be insufficient cutting space, causing the stone to not cut or the saw to fail. The film appears distorted, etc.

9. Pre-rotation time: After replacing a new saw blade, it needs to be pre-rotated for 2-5 minutes before use to allow the saw table to enter working condition before cutting.

10. Before cutting, you must confirm whether the saw blade is used for the material being cut. The uses of diamond saw blade products are roughly divided into 6 categories, namely granite saw blades, marble saw blades, quartz stone saw blades, microcrystalline stone saw blades, artificial stone saw blades and currently rock slab saw blades. Before purchasing, you should clarify the material, hardness, abrasiveness, etc. of the cutting material. It is best to have a test report of the cutting object. This will make it easier for Linxing staff to quote you and match the appropriate saw for various stone cutting situations. tablet products. Of course, if the customer has specific cutting requirements, they can also be put forward together.

11. When cutting materials, the saw blade in normal operation must be gently cut into the material, and it is prohibited to press or push hard. The feed speed of the diamond saw blade with a new cutting head should be controlled at about 30%-40% of the actual feed speed.

12. It is forbidden to reverse suddenly. Reversing may cause teeth to fall out and cause danger.

13. During use, you hear abnormal sounds, see abnormal shaking, and see uneven cuts. Please stop the operation immediately, find the cause of the abnormality, and replace the saw blade.

14When cutting, do not suddenly stop the saw blade in the middle of the object to be cut. Stopping in the middle of the cutting object will cause the saw teeth to fall off and the saw blade to deform.

15Please apply anti-rust oil promptly after cutting. To prevent the saw blade from rusting.

16When the saw teeth are not sharp, you need to grind them again. You must take them to a grinding shop designated by the manufacturer or a shop with grinding technology. Otherwise, the original angle of the saw teeth will be destroyed, the cutting accuracy will be affected, and the service life of the saw blade will be shortened.


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