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Is an RV worth buying?

May. 21, 2024

An RV is a home on wheels and a sojourn-style living experience. It is both a "house" and a "car", allowing us to have a freer travel life.

Because RVs have dual attributes of "house" and "car", you need to be more cautious when buying them. You should not just judge it as a "car" attribute, but also consider the comfort and convenience of the "house". .

Many people say that buying an RV is worth it, as they can experience a lot of scenery they have never seen before and experience a better life. There are also people who find out after buying an RV that it is not what they want. So is an RV worth buying? This should be determined based on the actual situation of the individual. First of all, you need to know whether you are suitable for buying an RV. This requires you to think clearly about the following six questions. 1. Do you like self-driving travel? The vast majority of people who buy RVs do so with the intention of traveling around the world. Compared with ordinary self-driving tours, RV self-driving tours have a better experience. When traveling by car, you can stop to play or rest at any time. The RV can not only provide a simple nap, but also provide a place to rest and even eat. There is no need to book a hotel in advance or arrive at the intended destination every night, giving you more flexibility in your schedule.

Different from the "linear" sightseeing during traditional self-driving tours, RVs can not only watch the scenery while walking, but also stay at any "point" of the "line" for in-depth tours. It can be considered an enhanced version. "Status Sightseeing". 2. Should you choose the comfort of a hotel or the convenience of an RV? Compared with hotels, the comfort of RVs is much lower - the living space of RVs is smaller than that of hotels. The area of most standard hotel rooms is 15-20 square meters, while most self-propelled RVs in my country are within 6 meters (this limit is drivable with a C license), which is less than half the size of standard hotel rooms. In this limited space, kitchen and dining facilities that are not available in hotel rooms must be installed. The sleeping and bathing spaces will also be obviously cramped, and the indoor space will also be visually depressing.

Of course, Travel Trailers also have many conveniences - 1. There is no need to plan or book hotels in advance, and the itinerary and routes are extremely flexible. There is no need to worry about canceling the trip due to other things after booking a hotel, and there is no "only to find out that it is difficult to book a hotel when you want to travel" and just live in the RV when you go out. Travel plans are more casual and you have more time and freedom. 2. The accommodation environment is one that you are more familiar with, accustomed to and feel at ease with. In the RV, you can use your own bedding, favorite quilts, tableware and drinks, you can eat food and drinks stored in the refrigerator at any time, and you can also eat your own meals. You dont have to worry about substandard hygiene outside, living details and The sense of local immersion is full. 3. Driving an RV allows you to live in places without accommodation, and you can see better scenery that you cant usually see. Hotels near good scenery are very scarce, and there are many sparsely populated places with magnificent scenery that dont even have hotel accommodation. At this time, RVs with the ability to be self-sufficient have a huge advantage.

3. Do you prefer poetry and distance?

Although you can get into town with an RV, you may encounter various troubles. It is not as flexible as a car when it comes to height restrictions and parking issues.

For RV travel, urban culture is just a side dish, and the main dish must be natural scenery. The more people, buildings, and facilities there are, the better the RV can be used and the more it can take advantage of its self-sufficiency.

Even if you go to a densely populated area, you must go there for its mountains, lakes, seas and natural scenery. Once there, you can live near the beautiful scenery instead of driving around in an RV and walking around the streets. To experience the prosperity of the city center, the tranquility of the alleys, the history and culture of the old streets, the food and local atmosphere of the bustling city, it is troublesome to drive yourself, let alone an RV.

4. Are you interested in RVs? People who have been able to travel in RVs for a long time and enjoy themselves more or less have these things in common: the car can be used as a house, and the concept of the house being used as a car is very attractive. Various functions are realized in a small space through deformation, multi-purpose, three-dimensional interlacing and compact design to solve all life needs. It is very interesting to like and study various RVs. I have strong hands-on ability and like the constant changes and challenges in life. I think it brings The life of wandering around in an RV is not suffering, but a kind of romance. Being able to live in the car for a long time and feeling a sense of accomplishment is willing and even happy to adapt to a relatively simple lifestyle.

5. The final soul torture is here: Do you have time after buying a car?

Do you have time to play with the Caranvan after buying it? If you buy it and only use it for a few days a year, and then sell it at a significant discount a few years later, you may regret it.

In order to prevent yourself from regretting buying an RV, you need to think in advance whether you can really make full use of the RV. Generally speaking, it is easier for the following types of people to make the most of their money when buying an RV: 1. The couple who can travel full-time are both retired and have plenty of time to travel long distances. The couple jointly decided to quit their jobs and spend a free year traveling. Careers do not involve a fixed location at all, such as freelance writers, street singers, independent outsourced software developers, independent painters, foreign exchange, futures speculators, etc.

2. Teachers who have a lot of time to travel every year and open a shop or do business during the two long holidays every year, can give themselves a holiday at any time.

3. Those who like to go out for regular weekend vacations almost every weekend like to leave the city and go to the countryside to find a place with beautiful scenery to stay for one night. So instead of staying in a farmhouse with not necessarily good conditions, it is better to buy an RV yourself.

4. You can also use the RV for daily commuting. If the RV can be parked for free in the unit's parking lot, you can have lunch and take a lunch break in the RV at noon every day. You can have dinner in your RV after get off work and wait until the rush hour passes before driving home.

5. If you need to work in a nearby place from Monday to Friday and can only return to your home on the weekends, if there is a cheap and convenient parking place, you can live in the RV from Monday to Thursday nights without renting an extra room and just drive it on the weekends. RVing to and from home and work.

If you have withstood the above "soul torture", congratulations, you are ready to buy an RV! Next, you can consider what kind of RV is suitable for you and what your needs are when buying an RV.


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