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How to choose between smart watches and bracelets?

May. 17, 2024

With the arrival of the Apple Watch, many domestic brands have launched smart watches, sports bracelets and other products. For watches and bracelets, users have different usage environments and their final choices will be different. what differences are there?

The difference between smart watches and bracelets - watches

As the name suggests, its most basic function is that of a watch. It has the appearance of an ordinary watch, a relatively large dial, and in terms of appearance, it weighs more than a bracelet. It is slightly inferior to a bracelet in terms of waterproofing, but it is generally resistant to sweat stains and splashes during exercise. Water, etc. can be dealt with.

Smart watches use the internal intelligent system to synchronize via Bluetooth to transmit calls, messages, photos, music, etc. from the mobile phone to the watch. Most smart watches also need to be connected to a mobile phone, and some can accept a mobile phone card, which is equivalent to a watch-type mobile phone. In other words, smart watches have two ways of working, one that relies on a mobile phone as a terminal and one that does not rely on a mobile phone. The one that does not rely on a mobile phone is an independent terminal.

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet.jpg

The difference between smart watches and bracelets - bracelets

In fact, a Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet, just like the most primitive jewelry, must be light and compact in shape. It uses the sensor chip in the bracelet to collect information from the human body for health monitoring, including exercise pedometers and sleep monitoring. , heart rate monitoring, fall detection, sedentary reminder and other functions, but it cannot be used as an independent terminal and can only be linked to the mobile phone through Bluetooth and other methods to operate on the mobile phone.

The difference between a watch and a bracelet is only in form

With the rapid development of technology in recent years, the functions of smart bracelets and smart watches are getting closer and closer. Many models of bracelets are also equipped with screens that can display some text messages and WeChat messages and can be used as Bluetooth headsets for making calls. If you dont have too many requirements for high performance, just want to experience smart wearable devices, simply record and view some sports and health data, check the time, and like lightweight devices, you can choose a relatively cheap smart bracelet.

If you want to buy a watch replacement, require more interactive functions of the device, and are not too heavy, a smart watch is a good choice.


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