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How often do you buy Flatware? -

Jun. 10, 2024

How often do you buy Flatware? -

Vintage is really the prettiest (source)
So I have a confession. Call me unsophisticated but I had no idea cutlery (which is what I thought it was called) or silverware is actually called flatware. And I&#;m pretty excited because on the way home from Seattle yesterday we stopped at Crate and Barrel and bought a new set. This is the pattern we chose:

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This set would have been my second choice because I loved the weighty feel:


And I really liked the bamboo ones too, they were my third choice:


The last time I bought flatware was about 15 years ago. I was at Costco and they had a set of 8 (choice of 2 styles) in a box and that&#;s what I brought home.  A wedding would have been a good place to get nice flatware but when I got married 17 years ago (divorced two years later) I was more obsessed with getting white bone china than silverware. And I still love the china I have.

Did you know that the best stainless flatware grade is 18/10, which means it is 18% chromium and 10% nickel. The chromium lends strength, stain and rust resistance to the iron alloy, and the nickel content gives it a warm, lustrous look. So there you go. A little flatware trivia that I did not know. And all the flatware from Crate & Barrel is this quality. My Costco flatware is 18/8.

Buying silverware is just not something top of mind when it comes to accessories for the home. Everyone has it because you can&#;t live without it so then you don&#;t think much about it (well I haven&#;t anyway) But now that my dining room is finally starting to come together (I just need a dining table) I cannot eat with my old flatware one more second!

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Every time I leave Crate & Barrel I&#;m happy. I so wish we had one in Vancouver, we are so deprived.

When was the last time you bought flatware?

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Flatware Buying Guide

Is thicker better?

Often, the greater the thickness, the more expensive the product &#; but thicker doesn&#;t always mean better. How does it feel in your hand? Sometimes slimmer feels better. No matter what style of flatware feels best to you, you can be sure that our flatware will stand up to whatever you put it through. You can even scoop hard ice cream with our spoons!


Any flatware, no matter what finish or grade, will mark over time. We think this patina makes it more beautiful!

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